Poland is one of the most polluted countries in the EU. Around 48 thousand people, mostly the elderly, die prematurely every year from diseases linked to air pollution. It shortens life expectancy of an average Polish citizen by around 9 months.

  • Average annual concentrations of the carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene in Poland reach 6 ng/m3, whereas the EU target value is set at 1 ng/m3. In many Polish towns and cities, the annual limit value is often exceeded by 1,000% and in the most polluted places even by 1,500-1,700%.
  • In many cities, the number of days on which the average daily concentration of PM10 is above the limit value exceeds one third of the year. In the most polluted cities such as Kraków, concentrations above the EU daily limit value are registered around 150 days per year.