The PSA team and the doctors and scientist we cooperate with count among the best experts in the field of air pollution in Poland. PSA cooperates with lawyers dealing with air quality protection, economists, doctors from renowned pulmonary and cardiac disease clinics and specialists in air quality monitoring.

We cooperate with:

  • AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków
  • Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw
  • Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology in Kraków
  • National Fund for Environmental Protection
  • Supreme Audit Office
  • Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection
  • Regional Authorities of Małopolska
  • Regional Authorities of Silesia
  • Regional Authorities of Mazovia
  • Law firm Kancelaria SPCG
  • Local authorities

Research actions

  • indoor/outdoor air quality tests
  • emission tests for different combustion methods
  • innovative air quality measurements from mobile platforms
  • air quality measurements in over 30 Polish towns and cities
  • air quality measurements in houses heated with fireplaces and smokers
  • tests/evaluation of low-cost air quality measuring devices
  • dioxin levels in food
  • transport related behaviour of Polish cities’ inhabitants