Polish Smog Alert is a grassroots initiative of citizens worried about the poor quality of air in Poland. Established in January 2015, PSA now comprises around 50 local clean air grassroots academic community and the church. We seek wide and inclusive dialogue aimed at solving the problem of poor air quality in Poland.

Our practical experience, thorough knowledge of legal and medical issues, as well as independent air quality measurements that we carry out have made us a partner in discussions on shaping the Polish anti-smog law both at local and national level. Efforts taken by PSA have led to the introduction of new and unprecedented regulations in Poland, such as anti-smog resolutions covering nearly 90% of the country or provisions on low emission zones, which allow elimination from urban traffic of the most pollution cars. Important financial instruments were established, including a 25-billion-EUR programme of subsidies and soft loans to support coal boiler replacement and thermal retrofits. Thanks to the reforms and programmes initiated by PSA air quality in Poland is slowly improving. The number of zones where particulate matter concentration is exceed fell from 38 (out of 46) in 2012 to 25 in 2021. Better air quality translates into public health – the number of premature deaths decreased by 20%, i.e. 10,000 deaths annually. 

PSA activists, putting their time and energy to fighting the battle against smog, are our greatest asset.

Polish Smog Alert

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